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Title: No Blinding Lights or Tunnels to Gates of White
Pairing: Mini/Franky, Mini/Nick
Rating: R
Summary: Mini’s not a romantic.

Fear is the heart of love

- I Will Follow You into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie

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Oh god.
oh no.
I think I'm liking Gen 3 over Gen 2.
Even with Matty.

I blame JJ and Freddie.
maybe the inconsistencies between series 3 and 4.
Probably a bit of both.

These Days

Title: These Days
Author: unconditional_w
Pairing: Naomi/Emily
Rating: R for Language
Summary: They remember. Everything.



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Way Off Line (Part I)

Title: Way Off Line
Pairing: Quinn/Juno, Quinn/Rachel
Rating: R
Summary: Quinn Fabray and Juno MacGruff meet in university.
Note: Crossover crack. crackfoxx's very very very belated wishlist present.
This was just as weird and challenging and exciting to write as you’re imagining it was.

So where was the passion
when you need it the most?

- Bad Day by Daniel Powter


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Part II

Whoa whoa whoa + Fic Update



It's worked. I'm shippin it hard.

Expect Fic.

Also: Juno MacGruff and Quinn Fabray crossover 80% complete.
Expect that soon, too.

Chemicals Kicking In

Title: Chemicals Kicking In
Author: unconditional_w
Pairing: Naomi/Emily
Rating: NC-17
Summary: it’s getting heavier – these thoughts
Word Count: 3315


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